Activities in South Carolina

Activities in South Carolina

South Carolina, the Palmetto State, is set in the Deep South and was first settled by the English. Although no major league professional sports teams are based in South Carolina, the Carolina Panthers do have training facilities in the state. The state is also home to numerous minor league professional teams. College teams represent their particular South Carolina institutions, and are the primary options for football, basketball and baseball attendance in the state.

South Carolina is also a top destination for golf and water sports. The museums of the state capital, Columbia, are where South Carolina’s historical past can be researched, but Palmetto’s golf beginnings may be attributed to a group of Scottish merchants who founded the South Carolina Golf Club at Charleston in 1786.
The coastal areas of South Carolina are becoming a popular vacation destination and recreation area. Scuba divers are drawn to South Carolina to dive the variety of spots both offshore and in close. The Gulf Stream brings warm waters and lots of marine life fairly close by the coastline. Colorful fish can be found swimming among the natural ledges off Topsail Beach.

There are lots of paintball fields in South Carolina to mention. Some mentionable paintball field in South Carolina are PBC Paintball Park Greenville, Proving Grounds Paintball Field, Gold Dragon, Triggertyme, Patriot, Upstate, New Generation, Duck N Dive, Liberty Paintball LLC, Firelake Paintball etc. Paintball is a recreational activity in which players compete, individually or as a team, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with .68 caliber paintballs.

Some popular Kayaking / Canoeing guides in South Carolina that one can use to plan adventure are Wambaw Creek Tidal Blackwater Kayaking Trip, Sparkleberry Swamp, Paddle Out to Capers Island , Sullivans Island to Kiawa Island, 2010 Saluda River, Dennis Pasture, Lake Moultrie, SC, SC, Lake Keowee – A Mighty Wind, Summer Solstice Paddle etc.

Touring by bicycle has become more and more popular as a way to see and experience South Carolina. Many bicycle tourists have come to prefer the added flexibility afforded by camping. Whether your destination for the night is a state park, a private campground, or an impromptu road side location, self-contained bicycle travel is the way to go. But in order to fully enjoy the experience you must be well-prepared.

Golf Courses 

South Carolina is known for golf. Imagine playing golf in a pristine park setting, with no condominiums, houses, roads, or those penalizing out-of- are no adjacent fairways – just picturesque views of forests, lakes, and wildlife. Read More…

Sky Diving


Get ready to be suited up at a dropzone in South Carolina for the experience of your lifetime! If you have a bit of adventurous spirit and the love living loud – Skydiving in South Carolina is definitely the adventure for you! Read More…

Rock Climbing 

South Carolina has plenty of flat land, but the upstate area containing some of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, provides a couple of areas with good climbing. Table Rock State Park offers.. Read More…

Kayaking and Canoeing

South Carolina has numerous kayaking opportunities both on the coast and inland on lakes and rivers. In a lot of ways South Carolina is the birthplace of modern kayaking in the United States.Read More…

Boating & Cruises

The state of South Carolina boasts numerous rivers within its borders, all of them draining into the Atlantic Ocean. The state’s three major rivers include the Great Pee Dee, Santee and Savannah rivers with riverboat trips.. Read More…

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

If you are wishing to learn dive then you should purchase new gear, get your gear serviced, book a charter, or do some dive travel. One can explore an absolutely wonderful wrecks, reefs and ledges teeming.. Read More…

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