Drayton Hall


Founded in 1738, Drayton Hall is the oldest preserved plantation house in America that’s still open to the public and a masterpiece of Georgian-Palladian architecture. Through two wars, devastating earthquakes and hurricanes, and the impact of seven generations of family life, the main house has survived the centuries in near original condition and its grounds have been hailed as “the most significant, undisturbed historic landscape in America.”

As you enter the site, you’ll see a Memorial Arch marking one of the oldest documented African American cemeteries in the nation, a sacred place for descendants of the enslaved. Whether it’s your first visit or one of many, Drayton Hall’s ongoing research into the people, places, and events of its past promises there will always be something new to discover.


They are bound by our mission to preserve the property, and keep it in near-original condition just as the National Trust received it from the Drayton family in 1974.

Journey back in time to learn of the history and people that shaped Drayton Hall. Then fast forward to the present day and meet the modern-day stewards whose mission it is to continue to protect and preserve Drayton Hall for future generations.

History as it should be the preservation of Drayton Hall is a minor miracle, and in this commercialized, over-developed world, heading to this historic house and hearing its story is fascinating.. More …

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